Era of contradiction!

We are living in the age of contradiction, a man is in denial about the hypocrisy of his nature.

His words seems to display confidence in his beliefs, but his actions betrays the intrinsic values of his faith.

So eager to change the fate of the world, he sits there criticising one and all, while he goes out there contradicting his own beliefs.

The brightness of his hypocrisy is blinding, while the loudness of his confidence is deafening.

So drowned in his narrow world, he fails to breathe the air surrounding him.

This criticism is not just for the sake of it, open your eyes and look around, look around to see Plato’s cavemen.

What do you see? For I see socialists who hate the elites but don’t love the poor either,

I see people who claim integrity as the most important virtue, practising corruption in their personal and professional lives.

I see liberals fighting for the freedom of individuals, mocking everyone who don’t agree with them.

I see conservatives fighting to conserve their own heritage, so aggressively inclined to destroy that of others.

I see people who love their God, but don’t love his creation, men or animal; neither!

The Troubled Soul!

The troubled sapien was at lost! His heart was aggrieved and his brain was ablaze. Though a modern Man, He was tired of the bustling humming of the crowd. The awakened Robert Frost in him made him run, run away from the arena of machine produced crackling sounds.

He kept running till he reached the River Banks, longing for some peace he sits there with his soul. The River water kept flowing and it was nice at first but soon the Spectre of chaos in his mind hit him back. The troubled soul realised just as the River water was passing by, so was his life as he murmurs to the river:

“I ran miles to be with you, the weather is calm but in my heart a cyclone is brewing. I want to sit together for hours but you seem to be in hurry. I ran miles to reach you taking you to be my destination but you are gently moving as you are in your own journey. We are both silent but I am stagnant and you are gently flowing, I want to sit together for hours but you are in hurry.”

Tired and frustrated little did the troubled sapien think, the answers to his troubled heart was just by his side. The angst and despair sitting deep in his veins, created a layer of dust in his eyes. For he failed to see his reflection in the river water, and walked away from the river banks.

Just as he walked away from the river bank he missed an opportunity to be finally at peace. Had he glazed his own eyes, he would have known that the answers to all his questions lied within him, piece by piece.

Politically Troubled Mind.

Hello Everyone, my dear friends from Right and Left! Your mind is in trouble and your heart is in chaos. You both think you are the victim of ‘the other’ and are righteous in your stand. You both think you are correct, you both think you have right plug in the socket.

You have streamlined your sources of knowledge from selective channels that suits your perspective. You have gathered the facts that favours your opinion and thrown out those which is contrary to your narratives.

Truth be told, you are the two side of the same coin, for you condon the violence from your own and cry out the violence done by the ‘other’ with a sorrow moan. You both are driven by your hatred for the ‘other’ rathen than love for all, the mankind. Kudos to the right we have had Hitler and kudos to the left for you gave us Stalin.

I don’t blame you for you have little understanding of the role of evolution in shaping your Mentality. Your fear of the ‘other’ stems out from our history of struggle for survival in the face of nature’s severity. As we had little understanding of one another we saw the ‘other’ as a fierce competitor and not form the lens of a cooperator.

But, my fellow human beings, we are in the age of information, time to shed our narrow conception of notion, we are into the fourth century of scientific revolution and the knowledge is in the tip of our fingers.

Aren’t we better placed than our ancestors, to know, debate and deliberate a matter solely on its merit rather than our own sectarian ideological imagination?

Let us shed our habit of discrediting the ‘other’ to establish the credentials of our own arguments. Time is ripe to be the rational beings we proclaim ourselves to be. The wise men have told: trying to do good because of hatred for other is no good, why not do good for the sake of it. Why not fight for our love for Justice for all and not only for those on our side?